The Seasons' Ebb

New Art Centre
Roche Court, East Winterslow, Salisbury, Wiltshire SP5 1BG

19 January - 17 March 2019

The Seasons' Ebb in the Design House, NAC 2019 2.jpg

This exhibition focuses on eight recent large-scale oil paintings, and is Charlotte Verity’s first show with the New Art Centre. It is also the first exhibition in the new gallery space, The Design House, to be devoted to painting.

Charlotte Verity’s paintings are, at first glance, beautiful, simple and elegant; on closer scrutiny, they are, however, far more complex. Her work captures a moment in time and this temporality is redolent of the wider world and the very fundaments of existence. Her subjects - the flowers, plants and fruit in her London garden - are painted slowly over weeks and months. Nature, of course, is in a constant state of flux. Light changes constantly, weather conditions shift, and the seasons pass; painting en plein air is certainly no picnic. And since time moves apace in nature, the moment Verity captures vanishes very quickly, so she may have to wait a full year for the right circumstances to return. It is a paradox then, that the fleeting moment Verity portrays is rendered permanently in her work.

Verity describes how observation ‘underlies every painting that I make’ and in her compositions one starts to appreciate the small marvels to be found in nature: the curve of a stem, the colour of a flower, the formation of its petals, the matrix of branches and a mass of leaves. Paint is applied thinly in muted colours, and the sense of light and space left around the subject matter, are as important as the subjects themselves so that the viewer is compelled to look more closely. ‘Looking and drawing, gazing and drawing – without prejudice’ she says, ‘is like seeing something for the first time with the urgency of a last and final glance.’ Her close interrogation of the simplest things in these paintings, does indeed encourage us to take time, and to look again and again.

The exhibition text by artist Paul Winstanley can be read here.

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In Their Garden

Garden Museum
5 Lambeth Palace Rd, Lambeth, London SE1 7LB

10 April - 18 June 2018

Windows, Irises, Grasses 2017 (close crop).jpg

This exhibition of watercolours and lithographs depicts Bottengoms, the house and garden in Suffolk of the writer Ronald Blythe. She was commissioned by the Garden Museum to record the garden which was begun by the artist and plantsman John Nash and bequeathed to his friend Blythe. A diary of the weeks she spent over two years working in their garden forms the 35th Garden Museum Journal.

The exhibition also features her first lithographs, all drawn in her studio, and printed by Nutmeg Editions in Woolwich.

New Paintings

Purdy Hicks
25 Thurloe Street, London, SW7 2LQ

23 November - 23 December 2016

Fuchsia Fall.jpg

Featuring selected recent paintings, the exhibition accompanies the launch of a monograph by Ridinghouse.

Verity’s subjects, taken mainly from the natural world, are painted with a certain exactitude but her choice of imagery and handling of pictorial space together with her sense of colour give the finished paintings a resonance well beyond the things they depict. ‘Flowers for Charlotte Verity are what jugs and bottles are for Giorgio Morandi - vessels of light, markers of feeling’, the art historian Paul Hills observes in his essay on this body of work.

The book features an incisive and poetic response to her paintings by Edmund de Waal, Paul Hills’ essay Verity’s Sky, and a conversation between the artist and Garry Fabian-Miller which draws out an honest account of the shared preoccupations of the two.

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Vital Signs

Clifford Chance Gallery
10-12 Upper Bank Street, London E14 5JJ

20 September - 20 December 2015

Pear and Apple Blossom_may 2013.jpg

Twelve London-based artists are brought together for this exhibition of works on paper in the offices of Clifford Chance. Although their approaches remain separate and distinct, there is a shared concern with the observed world and an ongoing dialogue with the visual language of the past.

The exhibition took place in the gallery space of Clifford Chance, whose corporate collection comprises prints and works on paper by artists working in Britain over the past 270 years.

Charlotte Verity exhibits four recent sepia watercolours.

The exhibition tours to Museo della Grafica, Palazzo Lanfranchi, Pisa in 2016.

Midwinter Spring

Boat House Gallery
Flatford Mill, Flatford Rd, East Bergholt, Suffolk CO7 6UL

5 September - 26 October 2015

The Gap the Middle Distance 2015.jpg

Invited to exhibit at Constable’s birthplace, Charlotte Verity chose to make work on site, and the resulting paintings from her ten day residency in winter were shown at the end of the summer.

‘I came to stay in Flatford in February 2015. It seems to me that throughout the history of painting, the most touching portraits are of loved ones, and the more familiar the land depicted the more interesting the picture. So I wanted to be there long enough to reach a deeper sense of the place by working in the landscape. Mid February was a very good time for me. I enjoyed the clarity of the land with its leafless trees and my experiences became dominated by the water and open skies.’

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"Of Green Leaf, Bird and Flower": Artists' Books and the Natural World

Yale Center for British Art
1080 Chapel St, New Haven, CT 06510, USA

15 May - 10 August 2014

Emerging Snowdrops 2010 25 x 20 cm.jpg

This exhibition looks at the ways in which self-taught naturalists and artists record and observe the natural world around them from the sixteenth century to the present, examining the intersections of artistic and scientific interest.

Depictions of Britain’s countryside and its native plant and animal life are explored through nearly three hundred objects. Selected primarily from the Center’s collections, ranging from centuries-old manuscripts to contemporary artists’ books, and including invited contemporary artists.

A sketchbook, two watercolours and an oil painting are exhibited by Charlotte Verity.

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