New Paintings

Purdy Hicks
25 Thurloe Street, London, SW7 2LQ

23 November - 23 December 2016

Fuchsia Fall.jpg

Featuring selected recent paintings, the exhibition accompanies the launch of a monograph by Ridinghouse.

Verity’s subjects, taken mainly from the natural world, are painted with a certain exactitude but her choice of imagery and handling of pictorial space together with her sense of colour give the finished paintings a resonance well beyond the things they depict. ‘Flowers for Charlotte Verity are what jugs and bottles are for Giorgio Morandi - vessels of light, markers of feeling’, the art historian Paul Hills observes in his essay on this body of work.

The book features an incisive and poetic response to her paintings by Edmund de Waal, Paul Hills’ essay Verity’s Sky, and a conversation between the artist and Garry Fabian-Miller which draws out an honest account of the shared preoccupations of the two.

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